About us

At Renergo solutions, we are driven by innovation and a commitment towards positive change. Our story began at the StartUp Incubator in Rijeka, where a simple idea ignited a transformative journey.

Turning Ideas into Reality

Our journey started with the vision of creating a system for water heating using solar panels. We envisioned a solution that’s not only efficient but also user and eco friendly. This innovation didn’t stop at harnessing solar energy; it extended to connectivity with IoT Hubs, the web, and your mobile phone. This connectivity empowers you with control and insights.

Meet Renergo – Where Ideas Flourish

Project Veles was the embodiment of this vision. It’s more than just a device; it’s a testament to our commitment of turning ideas into reality. It seamlessly integrates with your life, analyzing data, and taking proactive steps to ensure functionality. Whether it’s notifying you of key insights or preventing potential malfunctions, Veles is the begining of our mission.

Adapting to Challenges

Our journey wasn’t without its challenges, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. It forced us to take a different approach on how we work and innovate. We embraced remote work, making it possible for our engineers and developers to collaborate from any corner of the world. This approach not only allows us to tap into diverse talents but also reinforces our commitment to adaptability.

Remote Collaboration, Local Quality

All of our engineers and developers operate remotely, while some are dedicated to testing and sharing results from our workshops. We maintain strict quality control standards, outsourcing manufacturing while ensuring that every component meets our high standards. Once everything is assembled and tested, the prototypes are sent to our software developers who meticulously program and test them, bringing our innovations to life.

Accessible Innovation, Seamless Integration

At Renergo solutions, our mission is clear: to make innovation accessible, reliable, and seamless for you. Renergo is not just about creating technology; it’s about tailoring it to your wants and needs. Join us on this journey of turning ideas into impactful solutions that shape the future.

Welcome to Renergo solutions. Let’s innovate together.